Magazine September 2013 - Page 37

If all we as homeschooling parents are going to do is focus on school book learning, then our kids might as well go to public or private school. So my homeschool purpose this year is to ensure I’m focused on my children’s hearts and our relationships, Having the ability to teach our children at homes, allows us to connect and reach them in so many ways! We must ensure we are not missing the opportunities to grow our relationships. Relationship trumps school book learning. I highly doubt that any child would rather have schooling, over a loving relationship with their parents. Here are a few ideas to assure that you are staying on target. Our children are blessings, so let’s focus on them, not the school books. • Watch their attention span We can only absorb a certain amount of learning in a day. • Take breaks You don’t have to sit still until the work is complete. • Encourage them gently when they’re struggling with a lesson Try explaining the process differently. Have a great school year! CONNECT with the #1 Homeschooling Community! facebook twitter Pinterest Google+ About the Author: Misty: Help Meet, Mother, Writer, Blogger. Simply Helping Him