Magazine September 2013 - Page 36

School Books vs. Relationships by Misty Each homeschool year comes with changes; new curriculum, new schedules, new students, etc. As homeschooling parents we have to be able to recognize when we need to make changes, and prepare ourselves and our students for these changes. This year I decided to make quite a few changes to our homeschool. We went from a heavily based textbook curriculum to a mostly literature based curriculum, and after the first week of school I am thrilled to see the excitement in my children’s faces where dread used to be. Beyond the curriculum changes that I made to our homeschool this year, I came to realize two things that are more important than school book learning. I have been striving to incorporate these into our school year already, and am very happy with the early results. So my homeschool purpose this year is to ensure I’m focused on my children’s hearts and our relationships, more than their school books. I’m confident that learning will come much easier when these realizations are kept as the priority. The two things that I truly believe are more important than school work are: • My children’s hearts • My relationship with my kids Rushing through our days and completing our school day checklists with broken spirits and/or broken relationships will not encourage learning. There are a few specific reasons you’ll find that parents choose to homeschool their children. One of which is that we want to raise our children, and not hand them over to someone else, trusting that they’d do it the way we would like.