Magazine September 2013 - Page 33

thoughts about the curriculum you chose give it four weeks. At the end of the month evaluate how the learning process is going and adjust it as needed for that child. And then reevaluate the next month. Don’t make the mistake of looking at the whole picture for the entire family’s progress – remember each child is different and each child has a different set of needs and inspiration as to how they learn. One size doesn’t fit all. And that’s OK. Author Bio: Crystal Rapinchuk, owner of is passionate about promoting educational values and saving families money. When she’s not busy networking or blogging she can be found outside in her garden, hiking with her kids, volunteering at her local school, or just relaxing with her husband reading a good book. This Innovative Program makes developing Real Musical Talent a practical goal for your Family • Animated composers, on-screen feedback and skill-building games are enticing and effective, making the program easy to follow • The programs is enticing, comprehensive, and easy to follow, • This is a comprehensive multi-level curriculum for all ages 3+, novice to advanced • Weekly plans with materials & assessments ensure successful delivery Your children will love to learn this way! Software, Curriculum and Piano KB bundles available at, Our $10.95 monthly subscription bundle means every child can learn, parents too! Order online today, call 1-888-999-6434 (toll free), or email MusIQ Homeschool was Voted #1 Music Curriculum in 2013 by Home Schooling Parents!