Magazine September 2013 - Page 31

encouragement and gratefulness for the shared photos can go a long way toward making someone’s day. It’s a wonderful way to make a virtual friend and foster a supportive relationship. 4. Build A Showcase Pinterest is the perfect place to showcase the fun you are having in your homeschool. Did you pull together an award-winning week of activities for your children, featuring awesome activities spanning three grade-levels? Maybe you created a meal-planning worksheet that all your friends are envious about. Don’t just share it in your small Facebook circle; offer it up for thousands of other moms in your same situation. Pinterest is a place that you can show off your hard work. The best part is that others will benefit from your experience! 5. Get Inspired Use Pinterest to learn about new and inspiring ways to homeschool. I spend about 20 minutes each week browsing the recent pins of those I follow. Inevitably, it inspires me! I see a new way to interact with my children or spend time outdoors. I might find a new recipe, or discover a new way to use all the bubble wrap stored in my closet. Pinterest can easily become a black hole, sapping your precious minutes; I try to have a specific mission in mind when I search. But I also take a few moments each week to peruse through the pins on my wall, and allow myself to become inspired by the wonderful ideas of other homeschoolers in my community. Are you using Pinterest in a creative way in your homeschool? We’d love to hear about it!