Magazine September 2013 - Page 26

How Homeschooling Changed My Family by Cris C Back in 08’ when I was pregnant with my daughter, I started thinking about her future and education. I as well as my husband and stepson all attended/attend Public Schools. So when I came up with the idea After the 2 people who are supposed to support me didn’t, I was (or felt) alone. I spent the rest of my pregnancy learning as much as I could about homeschooling. I read hundreds of blogs/sites, learned the laws, searched for any tip I could. The one thing I noticed was how important it is to have SUPPORT. I had my daughter in May 08’ and my son came right behind in April 09’. Having kids so close in of homeschooling our child, I could see the look age, I felt like my daughter wasn’t getting the 1 of panic in my husband’s face. He looked at me on 1 time I felt she should have before I became like “why would I want to do that to myself?” He pregnant with another. Not only that but when refused to discuss it because well, I hadn’t had you have multiple kids and no schedule, prepare the baby yet and I’m planning school. I then for a day of fighting, whining and craziness. At picked up my phone and called my mom; she the age of 2, my daughter seemed gifted in a always has my side and makes me feel better. way. I know a lot of people feel that way about Although, on this day not so much. I called with their kids but I was sure. My life was so crazy excitement in my voice, “Mom I’ve decided to with 2 kids under 2 so I decided to start a blog to homeschool!” (Insert the crickets on moms end) document all of it. Soon after blogging I found a when she finally speaks she says, “YOU CAN’T! friend and she had a button on her site for “Tot She’ll be one of them weird kids!” I was in s hock School”. It was like hitting the jackpot for me so I she would say something like that, considering read close to every tip and article on her site. We she doesn’t even know anyone, who knows are blessed enough to have a larger home w/ an someone, who homeschools. extra room so I started to set up shop (or class).