Homes & More of Coshocton County October 2018 - Page 48

48 TIPS FOR DOWNSIZING THINGS TO CONSIDER WHEN MOVING INTO A SMALLER SPACE Downsizing with regard to living space is a trend that has long been associated with empty nesters and senior citizens. As children move out and start families of their own, many homeowners decide to downsize to less expensive, more manageable properties. Homeowners who decided to downsize or those who purchased a small property to begin with may need a few pointers to make the most of their limited space. • RECONSIDER YOUR FURNITURE Furniture can make rooms feel cozy, cramped or spacious. For homeowners with limited space in their homes, furniture that also can be used as storage can save space without sacrificing comfort. • DISCARD SOME ITEMS Homeowners who are downsizing from large homes may need to part with some of their furniture to make their transition to smaller homes go more smoothly. • KEEP SURFACES FREE OF CLUTTER Surfaces such as dining tables, coffee tables and kitchen counters tend to accumulate clutter. While such clutter might not feel overwhelming in a large home, in small spaces crowded surfaces can make it feel as though the walls are closing in.