Homes & More of Coshocton County October 2018 - Page 38

38 WHAT IS ROI? GETTING YOUR HOME READY FOR BUYERS. Return on investment, often referred to as “ROI,” varies depending on the project. Frequently, the projects that seem like the best investments don’t bring the greatest rate of return, while those that seem like smaller projects bring substantial returns. The following were some of the projects that garnered the greatest ROI in 2015. · OPEN THE DOOR TO IMPROVEMENT The ROI ranges from 123 percent at the highest, to 86 percent at the lowest - which is still a considerable investment return for such a simple project. Match the door’s style with the style of the house for the best value. · TURN UP THE KITCHEN HEAT An attractive kitchen can encourage buyers to overlook some of a home’s less attractive components. In the kitchen, replacement countertops, wall color changes, new cabinetry and flooring offer the biggest ROI. · DREAMING OF A NEW BEDROOM Remodeling magazine also points to creating an attic bedroom to increase home value. The ROI of an attic remodel that adheres to code can garner an 83 percent ROI. · HOME MAINTENANCE PROJECTS There’s little good to improving the aesthetic appeal and functionality of a home if there are existing structural or maintenance issues. Many buyers have a strict budget for a house, and those buyers may be more likely to buy a house with little or no maintenance issues. · WORTHY WINDOW REPLACEMENT Angie’s List, a home s