Homes & More of Coshocton County October 2018 - Page 30

30 PAINTING YOUR WALLS GOING FOR BOLD • DECIDE HOW BIG OF AN IMPACT YOU WANT TO MAKE Are you looking for color overload or just a small focal point of vivid color? Remember, using bold color doesn’t mean every wall must be lathered in that hue. Instead, select one wall to serve as an accent point and use that spot as your bold color display. • TRY BOLD IN A SMALL SPACE Many people are surprised at how well bold colors work in small spaces. Dark, bold hues can be toned down by different accents, such as neutral colored fixtures and towels. • GO BOLD IN THE KITCHEN Incorporate a splash of color in the kitchen without going overboard. Try an appliance or design fixture in a bright shade. Or paint the inside of the cabinets in your favorite color and install glass inserts in the cabinet doors so that everyone gets a peek of the color beyond. • ESTABLISH BALANCE Rely on neutral furniture, rugs, moldings and baseboards if you decide to take bold colors up a notch. This will help create a sense of balance in the room. Painting is a fun way to experiment with color. Many homeowners are not hesitant to use bold shades of color when they learn the right techniques.