Home Plate Update September 2017 - Page 8

Blake, Texas Rangers executive vice president of communications. The line, which is one of the largest sanitary sewer mains owned and operated by the City, serves between one-quarter and one-third of Arlington. Utility services to residents and businesses are not expected to be interrupted during the project. Texas Live!, New Rangers Ballpark Utilities Relocation begins Crews will dig a hole nearly four stories deep this fall in preparation for the Texas Rangers’ new $1.1 billion retractable roof ballpark. But before they do, a massive sanitary sewer line that runs through the Entertainment District and serves more than one-quarter of the city will need to move. The City of Arlington has approved a plan to relocate water and sanitary sewer lines, storm drains and other utilities that currently lie beneath two Texas Rangers parking lots south of Randol Mill Road. Those parking lots will eventually become the site of the new ballpark, set to open in 2020, and a portion of the $250 million Texas Live! entertainm [\^ H LHZ[[ۈ][]H[][ۂڙX X\Z[ZY܈HH^\[\[\]YH[\[۝X܂X[][ۜX[ۋ\™^XYZHX]\[۝\]K^]][ۂܚ܈H]\H[\š\]Y[[ؙ\'\ڙX[\ۙH\\\[ۜX[ۈۂH[X]KX۝Y[\][ݚYH[Hܛ X\™^\Y[HYX\\[ 8'HZY\\][ۜ܈[\˜ۜX[ۈX\]]YB[]X[\Hو[X[^\^H]Y[[Z[Y[؛\^K[Y][ۋH[XZ[\و[B\[H[HXZܚ]Hق[H\[\HY ^\]HH\\وHܙX]\ [[ۈ\[ۈ܈H\[ۂ[\Z[Y[\X]X]\\H[\]‰ KH[[ۈ[\[\\][ۈوؙHYH\Xܙ[H][\BڙX[[[ܙH[ ]؜[[ܙH[Z[[ۈ]\]ܜ\[ۋX[XYH[Y\ MZ[[ۈ[X[\]ܜ˂STPTHTP‰ LHZ[[ێو][]Y\[][ۈڙX[\^H܂^\]HH[[\ڙXK Y][وH][]\H]\\HZ[[\ΈX[Y]\وH[]\H]\\HYB[\Z[Y[\X X\\]Y[ۙK\]X\\[ۙK]\و\[۸&\[][ۂ[۝HڙX\^XYZH\]BVTUHHRSTӑT\[  MΈ[][ۈ\Z]܈^\]HH\ݙY[H  MΈ[][ۈ\Z]܈]HHH][\ݙY