Home Plate Update September 2017 - Page 13

MWBE spotlight ACARI MANAGEMENT GROUP Though she’s worked on multi- million-dollar school bond programs across the Dallas-Fort Worth region, ACARI Management Group President and CEO Jollyn Mwisongo said landing a role in the $1.1 billion Texas Rangers ballpark project is a whole new ballgame for her Arlington firm. Since 2009, ACARI Management Group has assisted its clients with Minority and Women Business Enterprise (MWBE) diversity program management, program and construction management, and community outreach and involvement. The company’s growing resume includes multi- million-dollar bond programs for the Dallas, Fort Worth, Garland and Desoto independent school districts, as well as Collin College. Mwisongo decided to swing for the fences earlier this year after spotting an opportunity for her firm to play a major role in the retractable roof ballpark project being built in Arlington’s Entertainment District. Her firm’s creative bid knocked it out of the park. The Texas Rangers selected ACARI Management Group to help ensure the Rangers meet MWBE contractor goals set by the City of Arlington as part of the public- private partnership to build the ballpark. “The Texas Rangers project is very meaningful to us. It’s the first non-school district project that we have and it’s the first project where ACARI is working in its own community,” Mwisongo said. “We are very excited that the Texas Rangers have trusted us and allowed us this great opportunity to work and serve our community while showcasing our skills and what we do.” ACARI Management Group began holding pre-bid, and informational and networking meetings this summer to help contractors learn more about the multi-purpose ballpark construction opportunities. Besides communicating opportunities through social media and email, “Our task is not to paint nor to build. It’s to help other firms excel and get an opportunity on this huge project." ACARI Management Group staff also meets regularly with contractors’ associations, chambers of commerce and individual firms with the purpose of increasing competitive bids received from the contracting community, targeting minorities and women-owned firms. “Our task is not to paint nor to build. It’s to help other firms excel and get an opportunity on this huge project. A project as momentous as this, would add depth to the res VW2b6'W6W727V62W'2"v6v6B( F20&VVV&ƖrWW&V6R@vR&Rw&FVgVBf'GVFRF&P6FvW&RvR6RFffW&V6R'7W'FrVƖfV@6'W6W76W22FW6RFV"fVG2bWW'F6RN( 2VvPF6FBvRFR6W&W6ǒ( Фv6v6BFR&&&V7@2&VGVFrFFW" &V7BvVVB'GVFW0f"W"f&( vFF2&V7BW"&W7VRvR&R&VGF6r7&V6PbFW&W7BFFV2FW W'7VG2vVVRFƲ&W@t$R&w&2B67G'V7F&w&vVVBW"P2rFRƗ7Bbf&RFVF'FW'27V6fƖFFg&Ч&WWF&R&v旦F27V62FPFW2&vW'2FR6Gb&ƖwFF24BFRfWr0V6W&vVBFW'2FFWG6FPFR&'FW&rvF6'W6W76W2ƖR4$( v6v6B