Home Plate Update December 2018 - Page 7

Rangers Players Help Workers Celebrate Million Construction Hours Milestone In the year since Globe Life Field broke ground in September 2017, hundreds of construction workers, working day and night to build the future home of the Texas Rangers, clocked an impressive one million hours. Joined by Rangers baseball players and staff, more than 900 construction workers stopped their daily routines to celebrate the milestone at a luncheon hosted by the Rangers and Manhattan Construction. Shortstop Elvis Andrus was one of seven players to make an appearance at the luncheon. The players took time to pass out commemorative hard hat stickers, and sign autographs for the construction team. "From the bottom of my heart, and [from] everybody in the organization, we really thank everybody who is working on this amazing project. They're part of the history now and everything is looking really beautiful so far," Andrus said. As progress on the site continues to develop, the total number of workers will also increase, and is expected to double by the end of the project, said Rangers' Executive Vice President of Business Operations Rob Matwick. It is estimated the site will hit two million hours in early 2019. A project of this size normally clocks anywhere from four to five million hours of work, Matwick said. "As you can imagine there are more and more workers coming on to site every day. When we started with the excavation and were just digging the hole, it was somewhat limited,” Matwick said. “Now that we've got structure up out of the ground, you can see the workers who are actually out in the bowl, but there's also a lot of work that's going on in the levels below that have been poured." This article includes excepts from an article, 900 Workers, 1 Million Hours originally published on the Globe Life Field website. 7