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Home Buying Guide Smooth Transition to a New Home 4 Weeks Before Moving • Contact and contract with a reputable moving company. • Have school records transferred. • Arrange to transfer or transport medical, dental, and other important records. • Transfer homeowner’s and auto insurance to be sure of continuous coverage. • Hold a garage sale, donate unneeded items, and place excess items in storage. • Keep track of moving-related expenses, and see what expenses are deductible. 3 Weeks Before Moving • Obtain and mail change-of-address cards to the post office, subscriptions, credit card companies, and important contacts. 2 Weeks Before Moving • Arrange for final utility readings at the former residence the day after moving out, and have utilities and phone turned on at the new home the day before moving in. • Close, update, or transfer bank accounts. • End or transfer newspaper delivery service. • Arrange for transfer of vehicle licenses and drivers’ licenses. • Have an extra supply of prescription medications for the next four weeks. • Sc Y[HH[[[]YوH\NXZH\H]\][\[ܙ\[ݚ[YZ¸(HY\[XXH[[X[Xܙ[\ۘ[\\ۋ\\ێX‚H[H]H\وH\Z˂(Hۈ[^KHYH\\H[\HXܙY[HYBH\[\˂(H[ݙH[Y\[ݚ[[(HۜY\[܈[\[\Yۋ[[][ۋ[XZ[[[K(H]Y]YHX\]H\]Z\[Y[[\[\˂(H]YH\\[\X[\[[\[܈Xܘ][[XZHBH\HHYKL NY[X]\˸ [[\[[H\]YXYX\HوYT\X\و[Y\XK[ˋH\\H]]^HY[X]K[H[\YHوY[X]\˸ \\H]]^HYT\X\[H\\H]]^HYT\X\[X\BY\\Y\XHX\وYT\X\و[Y\XK[ˈ08 \]X[\[ܝ[]K