Home Buying Guide - Page 15

Home Buying Guide Submitting an Offer Many details need to be taken care of in order for a home purchase to be completed.  An agent works closely with everyone involved in the transaction to help ensure that it moves ahead as smoothly as possible. • Explain in detail all the steps that will occur and answer any questions. • Work with the seller’s broker to see that they fulfill their responsibilities under the contract. • Stay in touch with the closing attorney, lender, and others to help coordinate their activities and to help keep the transaction moving forward. • Communicate on a regular basis so that you can stay informed and worry free. Determine an Offer Price • The price the seller is asking may or may not reflect realistic market value. • The best way to determine true market value is w ]H\\]]HX\]H[[\\ PJH[[Z[\\Y\]X[KH]\BH\[HX]HۈHX\] [H]Z[Y[ (H\\[\[X]Hو\X]Y]\\[H\KXYHۈ[[[¸(H]Y]H]\وH[KX\ݘ[ (Hܚ]\]H[ٙX\^Z[[[[[ۜ[[H]\Z[HH[ܝYH[]ܚ\ XYH\[\ܝ[\Y\¸(H][\و\ۘ[\HH[YY]H\K(H\[K[X[ۜ\Z\܈\[[[Y[HۙHHH[\(H[]H[\[ۋٙ\\[][ۂ(HH[\[]HYHX\΂BH8(HX\Hٙ\\]\\[Y BH8(HZXHٙ\\][KBH8(HHY\Y[Hٙ\(HY\H\HYY\Y[Hٙ\HX\[ۈ\[]\HX\܈ZXHY\Y[܈H[\]]HY\Y[˂L NY[X]\˸ [[\[[H\]YXYX\HوYT\X\و[Y\XK[ˋH\\H]]^HY[X]K[H[\YHوY[X]\˸ \\H]]^HYT\X\[H\\H]]^HYT\X\[X\BY\\Y\XHX\وYT\X\و[Y\XK[ˈ08 \]X[\[ܝ[]K