Home and Table Magazine: Greater Philadelphia Edition Spring2017 - Page 28

/ craftsman The Lack Thereof In an era consumed by eccentricity, Ilsa Loves Rick is refreshingly minimalistic. She calls it doing yoga with her hands. For Gabrielle Russomagno, making jewelry is a quiet, meticulous, Zen-like process, a second career the professional photographer never en- visioned she’d have. She named her line of gold-filled bracelets, necklaces and rings Ilsa Loves Rick in homage to one of her favorite classic movies, Casablan- ca. The hand-hammered, jewel-less pieces are bold in their austerity, the equivalent of a top chef using no more than a few ingredients in any dish on his menu. “Everything about these pieces is a distillation of everything I have done as an artist,” says Rus- 28 homeandtablemagazine.com | SPRING 2017