Home and Table Magazine: Greater Philadelphia Edition Spring2017 - Page 15

“The flowers,” she says, “arrange themselves.” you’re reading this, I kept it. Obviously.) Golem Designs’ ceramic hanging planters, similarly, are subtle and fashionable, which are two adjectives that may never before have been used to describe a hanging plant. And we haven’t even really touched upon the main attraction yet. Cullen started crafting arrangements in Vermont a little over a decade back. Her style, to hear her describe it—through a sly grin and a keen awareness that she’s venturing toward a cliché—is organic. The flowers, she says, “arrange themselves.” There are obvious Victorian elements to her designs, but Cullen’s sig- nature is what a friend of hers has aptly labeled “riotous.” On the count- er sits blush peonies with blue-hued wild grass in a clear square vase, which reads spastic and soft. In the glass cooler, there’s a constant supply of Muscari, or grape hyacinths. To Cullen, they’re “sweet, tiny and shy peri- winkle-colored beauties.” She uses them in almost every arrangement she makes. She remains, however, a loyal champion of the tulip: “So simple, so dramatic.” Not unlike the little corner shop she’s created. Petunia Bergamot, 36 Perry Street, Lambertville, NJ; petuniabergamot.com. homeandtablemagazine.com | SPRING 2017 15