Home and Table Magazine Spring2017 - Page 10

/ publisher’s.letter Dear Reader, A draw to bring the natural world into our daily lives is as ageless as the book Walden in which Henry David Thoreau retreats to a home in the woods to fully immerse himself in the serenity of nature. In today’s world, we don’t need to fully escape in order to integrate rustic beauty into our lives. Reclaimed materials, organic design, whole foods, and lifestyle wellness products and services that em- brace and are influenced by nature have the ability to inspire and instill peace, serenity, and harmony into the every day. Our Spring issue of Home + Table is a celebration of the impact of the natural world in all elements of design, home, and living and brings to life the rustic revival that is impacting today’s culture. In the article “The Lack Thereof”, beauty in simplicity is on full display in the conceptual jewelry created by a local artist. A discourse on the common root vegetable and its transformative culinary powers can be discovered in the article “Rooted”. The marvels of surrounding yourself in nature is showcased in our featur