Home and Table Magazine: Greater Philadelphia Edition Spring2017 - Page 35

Beets, 3 Ways Proof positive that there’s plenty of color in cooking (and baking) with root veggies. It’s right about now that our thoughts start turning to farmers markets brimming with various shades of green, and bright reds and deep purples. So close we can taste those first bitter bites of asparagus, the sug- ary strawberry juice washing across our tongues, yet still so far away. A month may as well be three. Root veggies will have to sustain us until then. Trouble is, after a couple of months of nothing but, that’s all they are: sustenance. But that’s only because we’ve been treading on the same recipes for too long. Al- low us to carve a new path, and watch how fast your appetite perks up. March is feeling a little less de- pressing alread