Home and Table Magazine: Greater Philadelphia Edition Spring2017 - Page 24

faces and camouflaged storage. What was here originally could have qualified as a galley kitch- en, Jennings says. He removed the neighboring laundry room, which added a bit more space and provided some unexpected symmetry, since the unique corner windows around the kitchen sink—made even more so by their lack of trim—were replicated in the laundry room. Lighting, natural and artificial, Jennings says, proved to make the biggest difference. The greatest challenge he faced was the 11-foot vaulted ceiling and its exposed rafters, which he painted because it was builder-grade wood. But that was the simple part. Figuring out how to incorporate overhead lighting took more thought. He ended up inserting recessed sheet- NATURE MATERIALS AND CLEAN FIXTURES BRING ELEMENTS OF WATER, EARTH, AIR TO THE SPA BATH. 24 homeandtablemagazine.com | SPRING 2017