Home and Table Magazine: Greater Philadelphia Edition Spring2017 - Page 21

I t is still possible to be removed from ev- erything around here. To be shrouded in wilderness, trickling water and chirping bugs and birds the only sounds until you intervene. Boulder Hill occupies such a place. Ten acres on a short, secluded road in Green Lane, Mont- gomery County, Quakertown to the south, that may as well be 10,000. Come the throes of sum- mer, the sky will be hard to find through the thick, engulfing canopy. And Boulder Hill takes full advantage, perched on stilts atop a steep, boulder-studded hillside, the rear of the near- ly 3,000-square foot home is lined with glass doors and floor-to-ceiling casement windows. They all look out onto a multi-tiered deck that spans the length of the home. It was a focal point of a five-month renovation that unfold- DINING BECOMES A TRY RESPITE WITH BEAUTIFUL VIEWS THAT INVITE THE OUTDOORS IN 21 homeandtablemagazine.com | SPRING 2017