Home and Table Magazine: Greater Philadelphia Edition Holiday 2017 - Page 46

1 STRETCH MORE Stretching has tons a great heath benefits like decreasing stress and increasing energy. Easily add 5–10 minutes of stretching to your morning and feel better all day long. FIND OUT WHAT YOU’RE EATING 2 Tracking every meal is too much for most people but using free apps, like My Fitness Pal, allows you to see what is really in those meals you eat every week. If you’re wondering why you’re not hitting fitness goals, some “healthy” food might not be made up of what you think! 3 READ MORE BOOKS 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 In recent years, with the help of Netflix, binge watching shows has become a nightly activity. Next time you finish a show, try reading a book before you hop into the next series. SPEND MORE TIME OUTSIDE This can be harder in the colder months, but making a conscious effort everyday to take a phone call outside or walk down the street to get a coffee. Being outside more often can boost your immune system and mak H[H\Y\BSQT]\[ۙHY[ZH^H۸&]]H[^HXۙ[H^K]\x&\[^\H^HXZB[YK][Y[HۛH]YH[Y\HYX\Y][\]\[[ˈ[[[[X[[\\][X\H܈[]\H]XZ\[H܈[H[H]HH]\B[۝ \ $\[XZH[HY[]\[[HY[ۙH[x&\YKTSԈ”]X[\[[HYX\ZHH]Z[]\]\HYZܚ]HۈHYYY\܈\]8&\[ۈH]\H[K܈[\Y[HXHX][B[[H\H\˂TёSTӑB[\H\[YH[HXX[H\Yٙ[\ۙH[YH]Y^[ۂ[O[\[YH[ N [[HY[ M\[][\ۙH[[\X]B[H\[[KQUSU•H[[][\[H][]HX\\Hۛ[ݙKYH]][H\\YX\]8&\\[\H\X\[8'X[X\\'Hۈ[\\[[x&[][ܙB[]]\[[ۜ[[x&[ۛ]] USQUTHUYH][H܈]H[\\[ N \H\HX[H[X^[X\\] [H]ž[HZK[H][\\[Yۈ\܈[XZ[[\܈X\Y]\[۸&]HYZY܈H\Z[]HۙYZ[ ]8&\]X][ۈ܈X^\\H܈BTT•]\]8&\X][X]Y\ܚ\[Z[H܈Y[H\\ˈ\[ܙX]\›Y]]H[\K[][Y[HZY[]\۸&]]H[[\Xۈ[\\[\˂[x&\H[Y[[ܙHY]]H[\H[\^H][x&YH\Y\]] YX[X[XY^[KHQVHRQH M