Home and Table Magazine: Greater Philadelphia Edition Holiday 2017 - Page 27

SOCIAL STILL POMEGRANATE SMASH Planning a trip to Bethlehem this winter? You should be! The Christmas City has become a popular stop on many people’s list during the holiday season. With tons of great restaurants all over town, where do you stop when you need a warm up? We took a tour and highlighted our favorite warm-you-up soups and spirits-of-the-season. BROADWAY SOCIAL ANEJO ALEXANDER This year Bethlehem is celebrating its 25th annual Christkindlmarkt that features aisles upon aisles of hand made artisan works. If Christkindl- markt is the reason for your visit this December then you already know it’s a great place to peruse potential Christmas gifts and enjoy the beautiful architecture of the Steel Stacks. Bethlehem isn’t known as the Christmas City just for its artisan market, it’s renowned for lavish and beautiful holiday decorations, especially on Main Street, and horse drawn carriage rides throughout December. It’s a fantastic city to visit during this time of year and if you’re in the ‘market’ for a good drink after a few hours of shopping, stop by Social Still at 530 E 3rd Street. Social Still, only a few minutes away from the Steel Stacks, is housed inside what was once a prohibition era bank. There’s still a large vault door on the first floor that opens to show whiskey barrels that are used in the aging process. We stopped by before opening and got a full tour of the distillery process before tasting one of their awesome winter cocktails. Social Still has partnered with Pennsylvania farmers and uses Penn- sylvania grains to create their whiskey, bourbon, vodka, hopped gin and many other varieties of distilled alcohols. Their products are used to create delicious cocktails that are paired with wonderful food selections for their lunch and dinner menus. If you’re at Social Still, ask for a Pomegranate Smash. It starts with muddling an orange twist with a squirt of pomegran- ate molasses before adding cranberry and lemon juices. On top of that, they add a dash of orange bitters, their house made fR&W"Ц&7F'&VBvF6RW&VBBFVBvF6V"6FBv&6r`Vw&FR6VVG2bFB6VG2vBW"WB7FFR6WF6FP6VB&R'&Gv66B#r'&Gv#pVGF&VvR6ĔDuTDR#p