Home and Table Magazine: Greater Philadelphia Edition Holiday 2017 - Page 18

the return of adoptees after the New Year but what’s worse is the amount of breeder-bought puppies dumped on shelter steps in January. If you’re going through your winter belongings for blankets to donate to pet shelters, you might find that some of your coats, mittens, scarves or hats just aren’t you style anymore. Organizations like One Warm Coat and Operation Warm accept used coats or monetary donations to clothe those in need. Donating money or essential winter wear could mean a child or adult stays warm until spring. And don’t forget to pay it forward! With these news suggestions in your arsenal, your giving spirit doesn’t have to start or stop here. Some other ideas for small gestures, ones that can come in handy on a regular weekday, are simple tasks like paying it forward. You are guaranteed to put a smile on the face of the people who are affected by your small but meaningful acts. The guy or gal behind you in the drive through on your morning coffee run might be having a rough week and paying for their order is an easy way to spread the cheer. Drop- ping off homemade cookies for your neighbor or cleaning their sidewalk after a snowstorm can cause a ripple effect of do-gooding. Other options for feel-good acts of cheer include paying for someone’s groceries, handing out lotto scratchers or bringing in coffee for your co-workers. The chance to win a million bucks can be just as good as feeling like a million bucks while spreading the cheer. Things as easy as sharing a smile, giving a genuine compliment or giving an unexpected gift to a frien [ܙX]HY^H\[\]Y\ۈ][ˈ]]\H[YHH]\Y܈X[[x&[XZHH\[š[\\[ۈ]\Y\YH]YX\NYX[X[XY^[KHQVHRQH M