Home and Table Magazine: Greater Philadelphia Edition Holiday 2017 - Page 11

Gift giving can feel great, but gift shopping is another story. From Thanksgiving to Valentine’s Day it feels like the holidays never end. Don’t get your mistletoe branches in a twist this year. We have some simple and creative ways to get your holiday gifts done and dusted with a little twist on holiday wrapping. If you’re looking for something for the spirits lovers in your life go for a mini oak whiskey barrel from Macy’s or Amazon. This is a great idea for whiskey nerds that want to age their booze in style. For your sippers, tasters and craft beer aficionados you can purchase a flight set. It’s the same kind you’ll see in many craft brewing locations that allows you to sample multiple types of beer without drinking a full pint of each. Sample all those new IPA’s at home with friends without committing to the full can. Giftee more into wine than beer? Grab them a whimsical and useful cork or bottle cap collectors sold at Target (and online) that allow you to pop bottles and save memories. You can find plenty of variations from online stores as well. For those who are on the crafty side and have a large stock of corks this December, look into creating a holiday themed cork wreath. All you’ll need is a hot glue gun, craft story pinecones, holly springs and ribbon and you can add this classy addition to your holiday decor. Customized American White Oak Aging Barrel $49.95 Amazon For those who have a sports fanatic in mind, we have found a few options that may hit it out of the park. For fans who never miss the Sunday games, grab a book on the history of their favorite NFL team. If you’re dealing with a baseball lover you could go the extra mile (and the extra dollar) for a blueprint of their favorite stadium. With a golf loving wife or husband that also loves a stiff when the green hasn’t treated them well, look no further than golf ball whiskey chillers. If they’re not into whiskey, but you still can’t seem to find a fitting golf themed gift, take a look at custom golf link toppers. You can get their name, initials and phone number monogrammed so they won’t ever be fear of losing a club on the green. 11 homeandtablemagazine.com | HOLIDAY GUIDE 2017