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Picture 1-a 2-a 3-a 4-a 5-a 6-a 1-b 2-b 3-b 4-b 5-b 6-b 1-c 2-c 3-c 4-c 5-c 6-c 1-d 2-d 3-d 4-d 5-d 6-d 1-e 2-e 3-e 4-e 5-e 6-e 1-f NEG_5669 NEE_1321 NEG_4808 NEE_1432 NEE_7857 NEE_1689 NEE_1701 NEE_2997 NEE_7399 NEE_4776 NEE_5289 NEE_5278 NEG_8089 NEG_1034 NEE_0711 NEE_0927 NEG_5767 NEG_6271 NEG_6325 NEG_6416 NEG_6581 NEG_6609 NGT_0152 NEG_9124 NEG_9459 NGT_0283 NGT_3280 NGT_2482 NGT_3312 NGT_4035 NGT_8193 2-f 3-f 4-f 5-f 6-f NGT_8428 NGT_9133 NGT_9125 NGT_9723 NGT_9934 Caption Southern Cameroons Police College activities in Likomba Passing-out parade at Police College Mutengene Prime Minister's and Vice President´s tour of West Cameroon Christening of new DC 3 CAT plane in Tiko View of the post office in Buea Youth Day activities in Buea The Prime Minister and chief Scout of WC on Mount Cameroon WCNU dance farewell to Prime Minister and wife Premier's tour of Southern Cameroons Madam Foncha's tour of Bamenda province Muyuka sends off Vice President Mrs. Ngwana celebrates her 21st birthday Visit of Liberia’s president Tubman Portrait of Prime Minister Prime Minister's tour of Mamfe, Nso, Wum [[XB[\[[YH\ وܙ\H]Y[ZXH[X\[B\XX^HX]]Y\Y\X[ۜ[]B\[]\YHوXH[HZ[[[H[ZXB\Y[وH[Y\ۈ\XX\]]\[Y\ۜ\X\[H\^H[\[YXB[[و]\[Y\ۜ\HوYY[YXB[\YHܝ[[][XB\]و Kۙ[XXZ\^\HYˈZ[]\Hݙ\܂ۙHوHYY]YH\\B]BH\Y[8&\\]Y[YH[Z”\Y[X[[X[ۈ[\ZYۂݙ\ܸ&\\]X[NN Y][ۈوH[[[Y\ۈXKYXHY][BNN []^H[X][ۈ]HYXH][X\[Y][B[[][ۈوHYXو[[K\˔\KZ[ݙ\HX[XBZ[H\][و\ˈZXܚXK[XKZۙ]H[X[YBZ[\܈\[[[Y\ۈXB\][[X]]Y\وH\Y[[X[YBY[HYY\وZ^XHX]\[ۂYX\NMNMNMBNMNMNMBNMBNMNMNBNMNMBNMBNMNMŒNMNMNMŒNMNMNMNMBNMBNM͂NMMNMMŒNMŒNN NN BNN NN ŒNMŒNMNMBNMBNM͂NM͂