"!" [Hollywood Blues] July 2013 - Page 42

Rowena Easton is an artist and writer. Challenging, unashamedly dark, and cut with a wry humour, her work has been described as ‘Kafka meets Milligan’. She has worked with sound installation, digital works, spoken word, text installation, book works, printed matter, short story, ?lm, neon, performance, painting, poetry, and a libretto. Rowena has exhibited, published and performed widely, including The Goethe Institute and British Council, Thailand; Center for Architecture, New York City; Theatre Academy of Finland; PROGRAM, Berlin; Access Arts, Canada; The Freud Museum, London, and galleries throughout the UK. Most recently Some part of us will have become, a Semiconductor ?lm using footage from the Deepwater Horizon disaster for which she was commissioned to write the monologue, was broadcast on Channel 4. Rowena is currently working on material gathered during The Arctic Circle, an arts & science expedition to the High Arctic in June 2013. 42