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thailand // spa Opposite page: (Top) Relax in a glam beachfront pool villa, ideal for couples on a wellness getaway. (Bottom) Stairs leading down to the wellness centre, the sprawling nerve centre of the resort. This page: (Right) Sip green tea by the blue waters of the sparkling 25-metre lap pool More than 300 staff keep Kamalaya running, with a third of them in the Wellness Centre alone. The highly experienced team includes naturopaths, traditional Chinese medicine practitioners, Ayurvedic specialists, certified nurses, personal mentors, meditation instructors and even western doctors. I happily put myself in their capable hands... After recording my weight, blood pressure and height I was hooked up to a machine measuring bio-impedance body composition, hydration levels and the health of cells, before meeting with a naturopath to discuss the results. I loved being able to compare a snapshot of how my body is currently functioning with my last report, still on file all these years later. “Do you have any stress-relief practices at home?” the naturopath asked during our candid Q&A. My answer of “red wine” didn’t seem to be what she was looking for – although she did admit it’s a typical response! I left our meeting armed with fresh resolve plus a booklet of information and my personal itinerary, beginning with a PT session for the fitness assessment that would dictate my personalised programme. Complementing the expert guidance from trainers is the stunning gymnasium – if there was one this beautiful at home working out every day would be easy. A session on a treadmill or bike rewards you with a kickstarted metabolism and views of the calming blue ocean, scattered with emerald-green islands. 85