Holidays for Couples Holidays for Couples Apr-Sep 2017 - Page 6

contents 68 100 A light display like no other in Uluru 62 52 42 37 Waterworld  ater-based adventures W that are liquid gold 42 The Romance of Rajasthan Colour, chaos and culture in this enthralling Indian state 52 The Most Istagrammable Places in Bali 83 Rock Spa 62 Beyond Bali 88 Seduced by the Solomons  Time has stood still in this Insta-worthy spots on the Island of the Gods A sailing adventure in a traditional Indonesian boat 68 The Road to Mandalay  Cruising the mighty Irrawaddy in magical Myanmar 74 Big River  Once-in-a-lifetime river cruises 77 48 Hours In Bangkok  Rooftop bars and ancient temples in the Thai capital 4  etox and chill at a super-luxe D – and super-effective – Thai spa glorious Pacific Island paradise 92 Gorilla’s in the Midst  On a mission to see Uganda’s mountain gorillas 100 50 Amazing Things to do in Australia in 2017  he ultimate Aussie to-do list T for loved-up couples who are culture vultures, adventurers and gastronomes 37