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bali // asia Besakih Temple Susan Stein, technical advisor at Jari Menari Massage and Training Centre ( moved to Bali in 1996, never imagining she’d stay, build a home and a massage business. “Every year, I take my co-workers to Pura Besakih to thank the gods for the success of the business, and the happiness of the team. This is a complex of 22 temples resting on parallel ridges on the slopes of sacred Mt Agung. Here, stepped terraces and stairways ascend to a number of courtyards and gateways, leading up to the main temple building. You’ll often see dozens, or even hundreds, of devout Balinese Hindus in colourful ceremonial dress – the women carrying huge pyramids of fruit offerings on their heads – solemnly climbing a giant stairway to pay homage to the gods. How Instagrammable is that!” Mt Agung Paige McClellan is an artist and a jewellery designer from Scotland and has lived in Bali since 2008. Lake Tamblingan Photographer Jill Gocher has lived in and around Bali for 10 years. “This other-worldly volcanic lake near Munduk, in the northern mountainous region of Bali, comes into its own at sunrise when the mists hover atop the still waters, creating a photographer’s paradise. People come from near and far to experience the surreal beauty and cool crisp air. When I want a change from the bars and restaurants of the south or the new-age-ness of Ubud, I know exactly where to escape to.” “The view of Mt Agung (Bali’s highest volcano) from Amed on the island’s most easterly point is hugely Insta-worthy. This is where I go to be inspired, and as soon as I arrive here a feeling of calm descends and all stress just instantly evaporates. I love the vivid colours of the sea and the dry land, the sunrises over Lombok, and the jukung fishing boats that fill the beaches. There’s a rollercoaster road that hugs the coves and headlands – it’s a truly gorgeous part of Bali.” 55