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india // asia Top left: Strategically perched on top of a hill in the Aravalli Range, the grand RAAS Devigarh overlooks the village of Delwara. Above: RAAS Devigarh’s impressive green marble pool. Far left and left: Impeccably restored to its former glory in 1999, the RAAS Devigarh showcases decorative interiors and opulent landscaped gardens down the highway, taking up the entire left lane. The one road rule in India is there are no rules. Our arrival at the historic hotel Chanoud Garh ( coincided with a celebration of some sort, the village’s main street blocked by colourfully dressed locals making their ^HH]X\H\HY]\XYYH\]]Y\ˈ\\\ܙ\\YH[HH\Y^B[^H[HZ[[[[[ۘ\H˂]\[Y^\[\H[X^[8$H[Y\œ[\YYH]\[وX\Y[X]\YXX\[]\HX[X[[[YYZH^B[[]HYH\[ˈ[X\H8$ۛH[[XHB[Y\\HXYۚYX[\]YH[ Z[[[ YX\YHHZ\[X[[\\Y]ܙX]][[ۈ\ܚX]Z[ ]Z]\\Y\HXYB\\Y[ H^[ܙ[\HܞHZ[]\ܘ][ۈ\BYوZ\][\ˈHۘKYܘ[[XH\Y[[[™\ܙ\Z\XY\Y[H\[ۙ\&Hܘ[]\[\\[] [[ٙXو[[H[[B[XHX^H[]ܙX]X\\\H[XYB\[\[ˈH\ܚ[\YX]ۘHܘXYH\\[\H\\X\Y ^[ܙ[\H\ܞB\]YH LH[\][ۜو[[\\\Y] ] ZH[Z\][\\x&\H\H[[ˈBܘ[[[8$ M Y[\][ۈۙ\8$XYY^H[X]HHܛوY[[H[][XZH[]\Z\ZHۈH\وۜ\[Z\\]YB܈]\H[\][ۜˈ^H[[YXZ[H[Z[x&\˜ۛX[ۈH[YK[\H[YYB[ [ܙ\YY]H[^HH[H\X[ݙH^H]H]Z]H؝[\HX\Y ۘHYZ[H[˜[YH]^H[[ZH\[ˈ]\\š[\X[ۈ]H[]H]H]Y[Hš\K]Y[Y\^H[]H\[[Y[B\X\وH[Hو[XKX][[YHH[[[ [\ق[]H\Z\]HۈۙK[[HYY\[Z\[\^\[][ۋ[\K[\Y^\ٛܘ\\˝][