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travel // adventure Waterfall tour HAWAII With its carefully handpicked cadre of guides, who boast backgrounds in biology, geology, natural history and Hawaiian culture, eco-tour company Hawaii Forest & Trail is an outfit that prefers to run small, personalised trips that connect people with nature. Here on Hawaii Island, some of the world’s most beautiful cascading waterfalls tumble off black lava cliffs in the midst of lush green tropical rainforest. This year, the company is offering two special new tours to the Kohala and Hilo Tropical Waterfalls. For Kohala, the fun starts with a ride in an open six-wheeler Pinzgauer off-road vehicle, followed by a trail walk through historic taro terraces and over wooden foot bridges that lead to dramatic views of the Pololu Valley. Once you arrive at the waterfall, you can swim beneath the tumbling water – a very special experience that lingers in the memory. The Hilo Tropical Waterfall tour takes you on an adventure on the windward side of the island through scenic backroads, stopping for lunch on a tropical fruit farm overlooking a series of waterfalls and lush rainforest. Hilo is a stunning 36-metre waterfall surrounded by dripping vegetation where you can swim, kayak or paddleboard beneath the white cascades of water. H 40