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adventure // travel Waterworld A water adventure will leave you rejuvenated, inspired and revitalised, writes Jane Wright Jet-ski & boat safari BORA BORA, FRENCH POLYNESIA Though it’s a delightfully indolent, kick-back kind of place, Bora Bora has much to offer those looking for a little adventure in these warm turquoise seas. A full day trip opportunity with Moana Adventure Tours offers a jet-ski safari followed by a shark and stingray boat safari, along with the chance to see the island’s exquisite landscape from the sea. At 727 metres, the dormant volcan ق[[[X[HZ[]\H[[Hو\ܙY[\HYYH[KY[Y]B[ˈH] \HY\HݚY\Y[[[KBY[Y[\[H]YH]\˜]YYY Y[܈XKBY\H\YHHY[K[ܛX]]HZYB[[HH\܂[[Z[[ۛܚ[[[Y[H[B][\وH\[8&\\ܞK[\H[[[X\[HYKY\[ H\۝[Y\]H\]ܝZ\H\[HYۈ[X\وX\YY\˜[[H[ܘ^\ˈ؜\H[H\BHH]\[\ZYHYYH\›܋Y[HX[H[][\[\[[\[H]\][KH[[Z\[HHXX[\[\]\\[[Hܘ[YY܂H[Hۛܚ[[[ۙH][]YBو][KX\YX[\ [[XY[\]\˘BY^\ٛܘ\\˝][