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adventure // wanderlust Born to be Wild Three top travel adventures for 2017 Walk The Great Trail In Canada Back in 1992, some bright sparks had the fab idea to connect all the major trails across Canada. It was an epic job, involving 432 individual trail sections – and now, 25 years later, it’s almost done. When finished, the coast-to-coast trail will link three oceans (the Atlantic, the Pacific and the Arctic) and be roughly 24,000 kilometres long, making it one of the world’s longest recreational trails. Covering some of the most glorious scenery you’ll ever see, you’ll be able to hike, paddle, cycle, cross-country ski, horseback ride or snowmobile your way across the entire nation on a trail of trails. At the time of printing the trail was 91% connected – it’s expected to be fully connected by the northern autumn (aka ‘fall’) of this year. 2017 also happens to be the year Canada is celebrating the 150th anniversary of Confederation. Oh, and to top it all off, admission to the country’s national parks will be free for the duration this year. Go Surfing In The Arctic Forget the zinc cream or walking barefoot on the beach when you go surfing in this part of the world. Located in the stunning archipelago of Lofoten in Norway, Unstad Arctic Surf is the world’s most northern surf school. Here, learn-to-surf classes are held in world-class waves as cold as 3°C. But what a spot! You’ll get the midnight sun between May and July, and the magical Northern Lights between September and March (watch them from the hot tub after a day on the waves), so pretty much any time is a gnarly time to go. Do The Rickshaw Run In India “A 3,000 kilometre Indian adventure in a seven-horsepower glorified lawnmower. The Rickshaw Run is easily the least sensible thing to do with two weeks.” These are the opening two sentences on the website for this bonkers, but brilliant, event. We’re hooked. The epic adventure involves hurtling across the subcontinent in a tuk-tuk, in a race with no set route, no guide and no backup. “The only certainty is that you will get lost, you will get stuck and you will break down,” say the organisers, The Adventurists. “At each end of the Run is a party of earth-shattering proportions, but what is between them is all down to you.” Genius. The August 2017 Run is sold out, but sign up now for January 2018 and the trip of a lifetime. H 25