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wanderlust // hit list Summer of Love Exhibition, USA Be sure to wear some flowers in your hair when you visit the Summer of Love exhibition at San Francisco’s de Young Museum between April and August. The exhibition will showcase everything from 1960s clothing to psychedelic posters. Also check out the free concert in Golden Gate Park in June, featuring Canned Heat and the reunited original cast of Hair. summer-love-art-fashion-and-rock-roll The Neon Museum, USA The Neon Museum is expanding in 2017. A repository of kitsch and retro signs from the Glitter Strip, the Las Vegas icon is adding 1,000 square metres to its existing Neon Boneyard and La Concha Visitors’ Centre, with 30 new (aka old) signs from places including the Las Vegas Club, Spearmint Rhino, Sahara Saloon, Opera House Saloon and Riviera. Take. Us. There. Now. Go Here Now Head to the Americas for events and escapades in 2017 Belmond Andean Explorer, Peru Total Solar Eclipse, USA The total solar eclipse on 21 August – the first in almost 40 years – is a must-see event. Transforming the day into night, the eclipse will make the horizon glow with a 360-degree sunset. Plan a trip to Wyoming’s Jackson Hole for unobstructed views, plus special events in the four days leading up to the eclipse at the Wyoming Eclipse Festival. 16 Here’s one for the bucket list: South America’s first-ever luxury sleeper train launches in May. The five-star Belmond Andean Explorer travels along one of the highest train routes in the world, encompassing the plains of the Andes and Peru’s most famous attractions, so you can get to Machu Picchu, Cusco and Lake Titicaca in style. The Che Guevara Festival, Bolivia This year marks the 50th anniversary of the assassination of revolutionary Che Guevara. Make your way to the town of Vallegrande on 9 October for a day of music, folk art and cultural activities at the annual Che Guevara festival. Or follow his footsteps along the Ruta del Che and stop in at the little Bolivian village, La Higuera, the site of his capture that’s become a pilgrimage destination for Che followers. H