Holidays for Couples Holidays for Couples Apr-Sep 2017 - Page 119

tas + vic + nsw // short breaks BANNISTERS PAVILION NEW COASTAL COOL The newest boutique hotel on the south coast, Bannisters Pavilion, is located 800 metres from big sister hotel, Bannisters by the Sea and is only 100 metres from the pristine sands of Mollymook Beach. Featuring 35 on-trend, beautifully appointed rooms, including 33 Classic rooms and two stunning penthouses, this super-stylish retreat is for city-dwellers looking for a relaxing, intimate getaway. A soaring, atrium-style lobby sets the tone on arrival, while the spectacular suspended rooftop pool bar and grill, on the top floor, add to the cruisy vibe. On offer is a well-crafted menu combining a fusion of Australian and Mediterranean influences and a good selection of killer cocktails, craft beers and a good wine selection. Packages Back by popular demand a Ten Degrees Warmer package is designed to warm and pamper. Includes 2 nights accom at either of Bannisters Hotels, warm spiced cider on arrival, d [\B[YHو L [  Z[]HۙHX\Y\ˈ\x&\B[X[ۈو\XY\]Z[XH]8&\ܝX[›]Z\X]Hۈ[\\˘K]BH [][YK[[[ MH [\\˘K]BX[]Y\¸( \X\¸([\\¸(X\]H[X][[\¸(ٝ\[ܚ[(XZ[][\\œ\]\[([XH^HBSPTVHBۛH H\ܝوY^HۈH]\؝\H]\]\ܘB]\[\[YH ][ۘ[\H]\[[˜] XX\ۛH[X\^HHٙ\[[\[[YX[^\B\\H\X܈YZ[\x&\]]^\HY^H\[\™[Z[HY^\][H][[^\H\ HRX\[Z][BY]\[[S[]Y\\ۘ[Yۈ\]Y\ H] ^XZ\[\\[ ]^ \H H[]8&\ۛBHܝ]YH]Y\]\[\ܘH]\[[X][Hۙ^[[ۋX[[ۋ܈[]\\O“\XY[ Y^Hݙ\XYH[Y\\[[B[H[\[\Y\H]\ۈ\][  \[Z\H\\B[X\YHXYKH \H[\]]]\[^H[Y[Z\HHH\ۘ[Y\Y][\\HYX[܈H\و[\^KH^\[\S[ܛ[HX[HYXš[Y[Z\ۋ]ܝH][ZHYH[H]HX] L \\H[ۙ^H H\^H[ L \\HY^B]\^H ^Y\XZX\ۜK\XY\\H[]Z[XBH H\YZYYZ[ LLH]YZ[ˈ܈H[[X]B\][[[KH[HX\[H HX[]Z[XHۈ\]Y\  L   H[^[X\^[KB[X\^[KBY^\ٛܘ\\˝][ LM