Holidays for Couples Holidays for Couples Apr-Sep 2017 - Page 110

VIC QLD WA 22 Feel on top of the world on the Valley of the Giants Tree Top Walk 26 Go to the Melbourne Cup of the Outback, the Birdsville Races Head to the edge of the Simpson Desert in remotest southwest Queensland on 1 and 2 September for this iconic race meet, when the town’s population of around 100 swells to 7,000. Proceeds go to the Royal Flying Doctor Service of Australia. Suspended 40 metres above dense bushland and forest, this wheelchair-friendly walk takes you high into the canopies of the Walpole Wilderness. Join a free guided tour or meander along at your own pace. QLD 23 Let the good times roll at Cooly Rocks On Australia’s largest rock ‘n’ roll and nostalgia festival, CRO (7-11 June) is a vintage extravaganza of bands, parades, classic cars, dancing, pinups and markets in the beachy town of Coolangatta. Don’t miss the Miss Cooly Rocks On Pageant and Poodle Oodle Parade. SA 27 Have a picnic in the Umpherston Sinkhole TAS 25 Discover Tasmania’s Whisky Trail ”^H[[\ۈ]B[HYH[[Z[–Y\[H[XX[H\H]H^H]H8$\]H]B]YY[\^HY \[\\XH8$[HZYHوۙBو]\[Xx&\]\[ۙ\ˈ܈X[ \x&\][Hݙ\&\œX]܈\Y[\[H]وH]\[Y˂[\[XK]\[XKۙ]][\ؚ[[˜]K\[[ XYK[[[Z[X]\[XBL][B[›X\\\]ZB\H^[\ٛܙ\\[x&Y^XH]›[YKZH\H^[\ٛܙ][H[[ YۂHZK]\]\[[[]HY[\Y]XY\[]8&\[YH˜[XZ[YY[\H[H[X\BYHو]\[Xx&\\Y˂[\H\X[ۈق[[\HX]]ZY[BU\\HX\KB\XY[\B[Y\\X\”[H[XH[[\ۚYKZZ\KK]BH]YۈH[H\Hܛ \X[XB\X[YH\[\BYH\[\H[\^H[ۙH\B\[8&\\HZ[ [YY]H\[ۘ]H[BZ[XZ[YY]\]YB\[\Y\ZH]\[\[\H[[][ݙH\[\K\\]Z[ B]ZY[ZH[[Z[BXH܈HXۚX]\“[[[XY\]X[ۂ\HX]]Y[HX[X\Y [[KY[Y[[\[[]8&\YH[\BXZ\[[XB\]܈[[XK]Yۈ\[&\X[]\۝ \[B[\[[][ܙY[[][H؝\\™ܙZYۈ[\]\YHX˜\Xˈ[][\[š[H[Z\[\B[[YK[ݚY\œܙY[][YHYZ™H NH\[ NHݙ[X\X]H]Y[H]X\ۋXZ\[[XK