Holidays for Couples Holidays for Couples Apr-Sep 2017 - Page 104

ACT 8 Star in a David Attenborough doc at the National Museum of Australia VIC 2 Do yoga in the snow Visit the alpine Falls Creek region for a unique yoga retreat at Trackers Mountain Lodge. Led by seriously talented instructors, you’ll find your perfect stretch out on the snow-covered grounds – a truly invigorating experience. Using virtual reality technology, David Attenborough’s Virtual Reality Experiences (on until 30 June) will immerse you in the awe-inspiring world of the living legend’s First Life and Great Barrier Reef documentaries. NSW 3 Go horse riding in the Snowy Mountains 9 Frock up for the Broken Heel Festival in Broken Hill SA 4 Make Your Own Blend at Penfolds Winery One for the wine lovers – at the Barossa Valley’s Penfolds Winery you can blend your own signature wine from grenache, shiraz and mourvèdre. Bookings are essential. NSW 6 Be illuminated at Vivid Sydney Running from 26 May to 17 June this is the world’s largest festival of light, music and ideas (2.31 million visitors went in 2016). Sydney will be transformed into a nighttime wonderland with laser lights and skyscraper-sized light displays eventgoers can control themselves. QLD TAS 5 Do the Cradle Mountain Huts Walk in Tasmania Over six days, you’ll see the rare diversity and beauty of the World Heritage-listed Cradle Mountain – Lake St Clair National Park, while enjoying barefoot luxury when you stay in a private eco-friendly hut. If you’re lucky, you just might see echidnas roaming about outside. 102 7 Get Your Glow on in the Gold Coast hinterland The thousands of glittering glow worms in the Glow Worm Caves at Mt Tamborine’s Cedar Creek Estate are a magical sight you’ll treasure forever. glowworm ]B[Xܚ[[[[Z[K]BYHYHق]\[Xx&\[[[ܛ\Yœ]YY[][Y[ HYKY^H\^H\[X][HY[\\ق\[N]YY[وH\\[ \H[OH[[ [H[][\]YHوB][ۜX]\Y[H[ݚYB[YY]Y[X\وH\[ܙ][Y[H\B\K\ \][ BL[YKB[]][ܝZ\\’YHH\\ۘ[][ۈو[]\ܛ[\[Hܛ BX\H]\][X\\[[H[\BX]]Y[H[X]X][™܈H[]ܝZ\H ]Y[\[[ݙ[X\KX˜H[Y\H[\\H܂Z [X^[Y˂][ܝZ\\˘K]BQQPK]HYHۈHܜKBY[Y^H[HX[HۛH]\[KH][KY^HZYYܜHZ[ZH[HYB[XYX\وHۛB[[Z[ˈ[x&[YH][XY\Y\[[\\˜[\[^\Y[HHX[Y[Hۈ[]][X]\[X[Y[\Kۛ][\\˘K]B