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JUST FOR DEALERS ! A GOOD YEAR HEAR FROM ONE OF THE COUNTRY’S MOST INFORMED ECONOMISTS HNA Dealer Program 9:30 AM - 3:00 PM @ Kentucky Exposition Center Growing your business requires the ability to think both analytically and creatively. Now in its seventh year, Dealer Day 2017 is designed to accomplish two simple objectives: Overcoming the challenges in your market in order to grow your company Identifying what works and doesn’t work in your unique market area – urban and rural. FIRST, you’ll have the chance to hear from three diff erent speakers, both dealers and contractor, from inside the industry on loyalty programs, pricing, diff erent products and the one-stop shop mentality that our customers have which will challenge the most analytical and creative thinkers in attendance. SECOND, you’ll have the opportunity to partner with some of your peers to identify key takeaways from each session and outline an action plan to implement these new ideas into your business. DEALER TRADE SHOW PREVIEW! Wednesday, October 18 @ Kentucky Exposition Center 3:00 - 5:00 PM - Get a first-hand look at the trade show floor during a dealer meet-and-greet with exhibitors. 5:00 - 7:00 PM - Enjoy complimentary drinks and food from select exhibitors during this HNA kick-off only for dealers. DEALER NETWORKING SOCIAL Wednesday, October 18 @ Howl at the Moon 8:00 – 11:00 PM - Wind down after Dealer Day with your peers and ICPI members from around the country! Included with your Dealer Program Registration. DR. ALAN BEAULIEU ECONOMIST & FEATURED SPEAKER Uncertainty and volatility are the prevailing challenges that business leaders confront today. Sifting through the maze of economic information, Alan will provide a timely snapshot of the economy today, where it is headed over the next three years and what it means to your business. Learn a methodology to help your business take advantage of the present economic environment. 1:30 - 3:00PM S P O N S O R E D B Y G R A V E LY & S T I H L LOUISVILLE: GET A DIFFERENT TASTE OF THE SOUTH WEDNESDAY OCTOBER 18 HOW TO REGISTER FOR THE HNA DEALER PROGRAM VISIT WWW.HARDSCAPENA.COM ICPI/BIA/NCMA MEMBER REGISTRATION = $194 NON-MEMBER REGISTRATION = $219 R e g i s t ra t i o n f o r H N A 2 0 1 7 i s r e q u i r e d . $ 1 5 * re g i s t ra t i o n f e e i n c l u d e s : E x pa n d e d o u t d o o r e x h i b i t s – y o u ’ l l h a v e a cce s s to t h e 2 0 + a cr e O u t d o o r D e m o A rea E x p e c ta t i o n s e xce e d e d e v e r y y ea r i n t h e H N A I n s ta l l e r C h a m p i o n s h i p s E xce l l e n ce b y h a r d s c a p e co n t ra c t o r s a t t h e H N A H a r d s ca p e P r o j e c t A w a r d s E xc i t e m e n t a t t h e 3 f r e e o u t d o o r co n ce r t s a t Fo u r t h S t r e et L i v e ! ea c h n i g h t * Fe e s i n c rea s e o n 9 / 8 / 1 7 Louisville is an entirely different type of Southern. From boundary pushing twists on Southern cuisine that have made it one of the “10 Best New Food Cities” in America to the one and only Urban Bourbon Experience™, featuring the world’s only city-wide trail filled with award-winning micro- distilleries, exhibits and craft cocktail destinations. You’re sure to shake it up in Louisville! For an additional $50, upgrade to attend six live Hardscape Demonstrations in the HNA Outdoor Arena. Join Bill Gardocki from Interstate Landscape Co. and his hardscape team from the University of New Hampshire as they present live, one-hour build sessions over the course of two days in the HNA Outdoor Arena - showcasing the best hardscape construction and techniques. This offering is back by popular demand!