Hitch Fit Living Magazine Volume 8 - September/October 2016 - Page 37

Is this basically acupuncture? No. While they use the same needle and may look the same, they are actually quite different. Acupuncture is based on traditional Chinese Medicine. Dry needling is based on Western Medical research. Dry needling is targeting the function of the neuromusculoskeletal (Nerves, muscles and joints) system while acupuncture attempts to balance “Chi” or the energy flow through the body. Why is it called “Dry” needling? The term “dry” comes from the lack of an injected fluid, like a flu shot or steroid injection. The therapeutic benefit is accomplished simply with the simulation of the needle. Is this something I will have to keep doing? No, not at all. If dry needling is the answer, it tends to help in 4-6 visits on average. Very few cases go much longer. Dr. Tom Cotter is a chiropractor at Active Health Solutions: Chiropractic & Rehab, located in Prairie Village, Kansas. The clinic focuses on combining cutting edge chiropractic care with the latest in exercise and rehabilitation for pain treatment and performance enhancement. You can find more information about the clinic by visiting their website at www.activehealthKC.com or by calling 913-341-1200.