Hitch Fit Living Magazine Volume 8 - September/October 2016 - Page 35

BONUS MOVE! Handstand Pushup (8-12 if you can!: arms, back, shoulders, core) Start by kicking up, or walking up to a handstand against a wall. Bend your arms and lower yourself into an upside down press position, then push back up to the starting handstand position. Even if you can’t go very far, you’ll benefit from doing these and get better as you keep trying! ***Modification: Place your feet on an elevated surface (stair, chair, bench) for 10-15 pushups. Try to work these into your weekly routine and see if you begin to look like a gymnast, too! Amy Kerwin is a Hitch Fit Transformation Trainer at the downtown Hitch Fit Gym. Contact her for one on one personal training at AmyKerwin@yahoo.com