Hitch Fit Living Magazine Volume 8 - September/October 2016 - Page 30

Cindy's Story: “Right after high school, I bought a bikini that just made me feel like I looked good when I wore it. There was nothing special about it, but it was good quality and simple design, but I absolutely adore it. When I gained weight, it was the one piece of clothing I couldn’t bring myself to throw out. I began to hate the way I looked in swimsuits and really wanted to feel good about my image, like I did when I wore that bikini and I desperately wanted to be able to wear it again some day. Each summer I took it out, tried it on, sighed and put it back. In September 2014, before I found Hitch Fit, I took a “before” photo in my bikini. I was about to begin a new exercise/nutrition plan that was INSANE and from all the good reviews I KNEW I was going to have an awesome “after” photo! After 4 months, I had gained 2 pounds of weight and didn’t look any leaner. I was so down. I knew I had the motivation to get my body where I wanted to be but lacked the right combination. A few months later I found Hitch Fit, began my first program, and had amazing “after” photos from the Lose Weight Feel Great program. However, I was still not comfortable having my photos taken in a bikini. A year after completing my first program, I contacted Diana about taking things up a notch. I wanted something more intense, more challenging and together we found the program that fit my goals. With my husband’s support, I began the Bikini Model plan and loved the program and LOVED the results!! I couldn’t believe how confident I felt in my own skin! I was actually excited to have my photos taken in a bikini this time! Sadly, I am still unable to wear “the” bikini as it is now TOO BIG and falls off in water, but I’m learning to cope:) Who knows, I may see if it can be altered to fit. It would seem a shame to hold on to something that is too big!