Hitch Fit Living Magazine Volume 8 - September/October 2016 - Page 11

Are you looking for a fun, easy, convenient & healthy option for those busy mornings? These oatmeal jars may be your solution and there are endless flavorful combinations you can create. Your kids will even love to help you with this meal prep! Combination suggestions: ■ Cinnamon apple (1/8 cup freeze dried apples, 1/4 tsp cinnamon, packet of stevia) ■ Chocolate, banana, coconut mix (1/8 cup freeze dried banana chips, 1 Tbsp freeze dried coconut flakes, 1 Tbsp dark chocolate chips) ■ Mixed Berry (1/8 cup freeze dried berry mix, a packet of stevia) ■ Blueberry (1/8 cup freeze dried blueberries, a pinch of powdered vanilla, a packet of stevia) ■ Try adding chopped nuts, or a 1 scoop of protein powder, PB2 to any of these varieties. DIRECTIONS: To prepare ahead, use pint glass canning jars. If you are preparing individual ones for your kids, use half pint canning jars and a 1/3 cup of rolled oats. ■ Add 1/2 cup dry rolled/old fashioned oats to the glass jar. DO NOT USE STEEL CUT OATS! ■ Add your flavor combination ■ Seal tightly, and store in the pantry until ready to use. TO SERVE: ■ Pour 1 cup BOILING HOT water, unsweetened almond, coconut, or cashew milk into each jar. ■ Let sit for 10-20 minutes (depending on your preferred consistency). Amy Gipson is a Hitch Fit Gym Transformation Trainer at the Overland Park location and a mother of two. Contact Amy for one on one personal training in Overland Park at pinkfantatic@sbcglobal.net