Hitch Fit Living Magazine Volume 5 - March/April 2016 - Page 42

Now one of the biggest mistakes people make is they stick with the same weight/resistance for too long or just never increase the weight at all. An example being performing a leg press at 40lbs for 10 repetitions for weeks or months on end without any increase or change. The body, in a healthy individual, adapts very quickly. Typically, the resistance should be increased in small increments weekly, this does however vary from person to person. However, doing this allows the body to constantly have the need to adapt or improve to handle the increased stress put on the body. This is known as the Overload Principle and it is one of the most important principles to apply when developing your own program. In conclusion, proper implementation of resistance training has many benefits and should be part of a balanced exercise regimen for all ages. As stated above, as we age we become more susceptible to certain health issues that resistance training can help prevent. Even though resistance training is important, performing both resistance and cardiovascular training will ensure that you are taking care of the body as whole. Having a healthy heart is just as important for your overall health. Steven Stollenwerk is a Hitch Fit Gym Transformation Trainer at the downtown location. Contact him for training at ses91940@gmail.com. Oor visit www.HitchFitGym.com https://www.groupon.com/deals/hitch-fit-personal-training-2