Hitch Fit Living Magazine Volume 5 - March/April 2016 - Page 3

Am I too old for this? This question was posed to me back in 2013 by a woman named Vickie Sims. She was 59 years of age at the time. It’s the question that started her on an incredible transformation journey that not only changed her life, but the life of her husband Rick. It’s the question that would lead to a 50 pound weight loss for her, fulfillment of a lifelong dream of competing in fitness, a 69 pound weight loss for Rick at age 55, and we might as well top that off with their very first fitness magazine cover! The answer I gave Vickie back then was, of course, YES. I don’t believe there is an age limit to making positive healthy lifestyle changes. Rick was an incredible support system for Vickie through her journey, and two years after she began, he knew he was ready. He committed and gave his all. They’ve lost 120 pounds of scale weight, but have gained so much back in return. Their stories have inspired many others, and will continue to do so. To say that Micah and I are proud of our cover models would be an understatement. They are true inspirations. The real deal. Since Vickie first shared her story on Hitch Fit over 2 years ago, we have had so many more men and women in the 50’s, 60’s and even 70’s who realized that they could do this too! That’s the case with Nancy, who is also featured in this motivational issue. At 60 years young, she saw Vickie’s story on the news, and reached out to begin her own journey. Talk about paying it forward! If YOU are reading this, and wondering if it’s too late for you. The answer is NO. Every journey starts with a single choice and a single step. If you want greater health and fitness, you can do it. This issue is packed with motivational articles, if you are on track with your New Year fitness resolutions, fantastic, keep up the great work! If you’ve found your motivation lagging or your focus faltered, I know you will find some incentive to get back on track in this issues articles! Thank you for reading Hitch Fit Living. As always, we welcome your feedback or requests for future article topics! God Bless! Hitch Fit on Instagram: @HitchFit / @DianaChaloux / @MicahLaCerte Hitch Fit on Pinterest: @HitchFitLiving / @DianaChaloux Hitch Fit on Twitter: @HitchFit / @DianaChaloux / @MicahLaCerte Hitch Fit on Youtube: www.youtube.com/HitchFit Facebook: www.facebook.com/HitchFitLiving Photo by Brandi Wisdom BNW Photography Diana Chaloux - LaCerte Diana.Chaloux@yahoo.com