Hitch Fit Living Magazine Volume 5 - March/April 2016 - Page 27

At 55 years young. Rick knew that he was ready for his transformation. In his words he was feeling "blah". He had watched the transformation of his wife Vickie, who at 60 years young completely changed her life and has become one of Hitch Fit's most popular transformation stories. He was an incredible support for her as she went through her journey. Inspired by her success, he knew he was ready for his own journey in 2015. Rick worked online with Micah for 6 months, he made the commitment to healthy lifestyle changes and stuck with them consistently. After a 40 pound loss, his doctor took him off his diabetes medication and cut his cholesterol medications in half. That was a huge motivator for him to continue pressing forward! Rick shed 69 pounds, but has gained so much through this process. He finally is off the fitness roller coaster ride he's been on for the majority of his life! We are so proud of his success. He and Vickie are so inspiring. Combined they have lost 120 pounds. We are proud to have them grace the cover of this month's issue!