Hitch Fit Living Magazine Volume 5 - March/April 2016 - Page 11

I committed to competing for my first fitness event in 2005. At that time, though I was a personal trainer, I knew nothing of nutrition. I had gained a significant amount of weight, and when I reached the highest of my life at 175 pounds, I realized something had to change! I committed to competing in my first fitness competition, knowing that motivator would help to keep me on track. I changed my nutrition completely, and over 18 weeks my body changed significantly. I remember the first day that I saw the signs of six pack abs, something I had never seen in my life, I was ecstatic!! Throughout my years of competing, abs were one of my strongest physical features, so I have received countless questions as far as how to acquire a coveted 6 pack. Many questions were along the lines of "What exercises or ab machine did you use to get your abs to look like that?" or "What pill did you take?". These have always been frustrating questions. There is no magic ab exercise, there is no magic ab machine (Oh I know there's a lot of infomercials that would like you to think it!! NONE ...not a single one...of the ab contraptions you see on television will result in 6 pack abs, no matter if you did them all day long every day!) and there is certainly no magic pill! Let's take a look at the REAL Secrets of 6 Pack Abs! Secret #1: You already HAVE a six pack. Yes, I’m talking to you! Every human being possesses the muscle groups that combined create the abdominals, the main ones are the Transverse Abdominus, Rectus Abdominus, Internal Obliques, External Obliques. Anytime you do movements such as sitting up, standing up, bend or twist to the side (just to name a few), you are engaging and using your abdominal muscles. When it comes to your abs, it’s not a matter of “getting” a set, you’ve already got your own, and who knows, you may have the most insane six pack in the world. The problem is, that the majority of people will never actually see those muscles because they are covered by a layer….or multiple layers of fat.