History of the UF Division of Student Affairs - Page 96

96 Development of Lake Wauburg South Shore began in 1982 with Student Government funding of $225,000 through special request funds. Two large pavilions and a restroom facility were constructed along with extensive waterfront decking and docks. This area has been in continuous use since 1985. Extensive renovations took place from 1998-2000. A large restroom with showers and changing areas was built in the North Park centrally located to the swimming area and open pavilion. A shelter for boats, equipped with a lifeguard observation tower, was built on the waterfront. The most popular improvement was the renovation of Cypress Lodge. Central heat and air-conditioning and a full service kitchen were added, and the recreation room was expanded. In order to support these new facilities, a new water and septic system was installed. A new residence was built in the North Park for the Assistant Recreational Sports Director for Outdoor Recreation in 1999. A climbing wall and bouldering grotto were built at Lake Wauburg South Shore in 2001. The Alpine Tower and the Low Elements Challenge Course were also completed in 2001. The final piece of the UF Outdoor Team Challenge Courses was completed in 2013 with the addition of the High Ropes and Elements Challenge Course. Lake Wauburg currently incorporates the two parks into one overall recreational facility primarily for student use. Almost 65,000 visitors use this unique recreational resource each year. 1990 – 2001 In 1990, the Student Recreation & Fitness Center Board of Directors was esta blished and became the Recreational Sports Board of Directors in 1995. The responsibilities of this advisory board are to set priorities for the use of the facilities and charges for services; to propose policies and/or participate in discussion and review of policy changes; to make determination of the types of events that can be held; to review and recommend funding, staffing, and services of the facilities; to maintain a schedule of events and a yearly calendar, arranging for hours of use and scheduling of outside events; and to review and make decisions on requests to alter the facilities. In 1991, the Student Recreation & Fitness Center opened. Group fitness programs began in Florida Gym in advance of the opening of the new facility. In 1994, the Southwest Recreation Center with three outdoor basketball courts and ten tennis courts opened and earned the NIRSA Outstanding Sports Facility H i s t o r y o f t h e UF D S A