History of the UF Division of Student Affairs - Page 94

94 Off Campus Life The Office of Off Campus Life was created in June 2004. This office was created from recommendations of the Town and Gown Task Force which included City of Gainesville staff, UF personnel, and Gainesville community members. The task force met in 2003 to make recommendations to both the City of Gainesville and UF on items that might be addressed to improve and maintain positive town and gown relationships. In 2004, the Director of Off Campus Life position was created and charged with the supervision and creation of the Office of Off Campus Life. Off Campus Life originally reported to the Dean of Students Office; in 2006 Off Campus Life changed reporting lines from the Dean of Students Office to the Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs. The office and position now reports directly to the Division of Student Affairs. To d ay Off Campus Life (OCL) provides a wide array of resources, services, education, and support for students living off campus. Off Campus Life is committed to educating and assisting UF students in achieving positive off-campus living experiences. OCL’s resources, services, and support staff foster leadership and civic engagement to develop great student neighborhoods in Gainesville. Staff includes one director, two graduate students, and one student work-study employee. Leadership Nora Kilroy H i s t o r y o f t h e UF D S A 2004 - present