History of the UF Division of Student Affairs - Page 83

83 Shop (previously in Reid Hall), Refrigeration Shop (previously in Rawlings Hall), and Steam Shop (previously in Hume Hall), respectively. Bay 5 was set aside for storage of large maintenance materials like air conditioners, refrigerators, stoves, doors, fan coils, etc. Bays 6 and 7 were used by East Hall Supply Property/ Records to store spare furniture. In 2001, a 15,050 square foot warehouse was added to the Surge Area to first store furniture for New Hume (2002) and then to house East Hall Supply Property/Records operations. To d ay Cypress Hall, a 255-bed residence hall, opened Fall 2015 in the Yulee Area. This facility addressed the increased demand for campus housing as well as provided housing facilities focused on supporting students with higher levels of physical disabilities. Today, HRE provides housing for approximately 8,100 students in single student undergraduate housing including 308 undergraduate spaces available at Infinity Hall, a public private partnership with Signet Enterprises that also opened Fall 2015 in the UF Innovation Square area. Approximately, 1,200 students, spouses, and children are housed in 972 graduate and family housing apartments. Additionally, HRE has an affiliation with The Continuum to provide another 571 spaces for UF graduate and professional students. Approximately 350 full-time staff and 430 part-time student staff and OPS staff are employed by HRE. HRE is an auxiliary operation. An auxiliary receives no state tax dollars or tuition/fee monies to fund operations and must generate income and manage a budget. HRE generates income by charging rent. The 2015 HRE budget was $56.5 million. Maintaining and renovating facilities built between 1905 and 2015 for the needs of today’s college students is challenging. On average, between $6 – 10 million annually of the budget is dedicated to general maintenance, special projects, and capital projects. Leadership Officer-In-charge 1906 - 1927 The Officer-in-Charge was a live-in faculty member. Department histor ies : HO USI N G AN D R ESI DENCE ED UC ATION