History of the UF Division of Student Affairs - Page 8

8 INTRODUCTION Much has been written about the history of the University of Florida (UF), but few sources have focused specifically on the history and evolution of Student Affairs. This book chronicles the evolution of the UF Division of Student Affairs (UF DSA) and includes more in-depth histories of departments presently reporting to the Vice President for Student Affairs. The focus is specifically on Student Affairs as a profession and on UF historical events that relate to student life. Information was collected in the UF Archives/Special Collections Department of the Library; on UF websites; from UF publications; from historical files in departments; and by interviewing former and present Student Affairs staff. Of particular interest were personal memoirs written by James Farr, Klein Graham, Robert Beaty, and Bill Rion as well as the transcription of Lester Hale’s interview that is part of the UF Oral History program. A resource list is included at the end of the publication. Many Student Affairs staff past and present contributed to this publication by responding to requests for information and clarification and by reviewing drafts. As with any history project, occasionally dates in records varied and individuals’ memories of events, dates, and details did not agree. When this occurred, the most accurate information was determined or variations were indicated. T h e E a r ly Y e a r s : U F C o m e s t o G a i n e s v i l l e (1900 – 1927) In many ways, the history and evolution of Student Affairs at UF mirrors the evolution of Student Affairs at other universities in the United States. In other ways, the history and evolution is unique to the politics of Florida, the student population, and the strong and exceptional academicians, administrators, and student leaders who left their individual marks on UF. Colleges in colonial times existed to train a competent ruling class and train the clergy. They were elite, expensive, and for white men. Many were founded H i st o ry o f t h e U F D S A