History of the UF Division of Student Affairs - Page 79

79 were razed by Fall 1997 to build a four-story, 800-space parking garage for the hospital. Building #271 was renovated by Shands for use as transplant patient housing. In 2012, the remainder of old Schucht Village was razed to build mechanical support facilities for Shands. After many years of surveying students and researching the use of (or lack of use of) landlines in residence halls and the growing reliance on cellphones or other services like prepaid phones and computer phone service, Housing administrators decided to remove landline phone service to student rooms in residence halls Summer 2007. Landline phone service remains to staff rooms and apartments and to graduate and family housing apartments. “House” phones with free local phone service are provided in residence hall area office locations. Staff continues to monitor technology and how students prefer to receive communication and conduct business which has resulted in more online services and mobile applications. S t u d e n t L i v i n g L e a r n i n g Co m m u n i t i e s T h r o u g h t h e Years Housing and Residence Education faculty and staff have designed and facilitated out-of-classroom learning experiences for residents since 1906. The following is a brief history and description of student learning communities through the years. A c t i v e L i v i n g L e a r n i n g Co m m u n i t i e s ( LLCs ) : Crisis Intervention Consultant (CIC) Program: A full-time Counselor-inResidence, a Counseling Center faculty member, lived in Broward Hall from 1994-2001 and assisted with crisis management. In 1996, a live-on graduate student called the Crisis Intervention Consultant (CIC) was added. Today, this crisis support program evolved to a Crisis Intervention Consultant (CIC) Program with three live-on doctoral level graduate students sharing on-call crisis coverage under the clinical supervision of Counseling and Wellness Center faculty and under the administrative supervision of the Director of Housing for Residence Life and Education. Engineering LLC: East Hall has housed the Engineering LLC since 2006, a collaboration with the College of Engineering. Department histor ies : housi n g an d r esidence education